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Character Education

These are videos from around the country, see what can be learned.

This is the first ten minutes of a 30 minute video produced for the Ohio Department of Education. It was aired on PBS as well as the closed circuit broadcast in the school systems in Ohio. The goal was to educated teachers on how to implement a character education program within their existing curriculum. It was shot and edited by Michael Tavares and Peter John Ross and co-produced by Cecilia Roman with narration by Larry Ramey.

Character Education Success in High School

Scott Raecker, Executive Director of CHARACTER COUNTS! in Iowa, speaks about CHARACTER COUNTS! activities in his state. Recorded at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, October









Ed DeRoche, Director of the University of San Diego Character Development Center, addresses the what, why, and how of character education.


Getting Started in Character Education: Walnut Street School

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