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We welcome all teachers.


We recognize that many teachers within Logan County and surrounding area schools might be utilizing SEL/CEP techniques and concepts. We welcome input from all teachers concerning any resources they can provide ACP to add to our website for use by other teachers. 

Teacher Contest 2020

Scott Raecker
Character counts 
speaks to the National Press club
  • 1997 started with one pilot program

  • 90% of school age youth in the state have some level of engagement in the program

  • Data proven results 400 dicipline write ups, 3 years later 20 students visited principals office, 6 years later less than 

  • Test scores has risen

  • Performance based outcomes

  • Community based framework

Social Emotional Learning an interview with Daniel Goleman
  • Attendance,behaving well in class,liking class go up 9-10%

  • Academic achievment goes up 10%

  • Closes the achievment gap 

  • Heads off criminal careers

5 Keys to Social Emotional Learning
  • Essential skills for success

  • Centers mind and body

  • Reduces emotional tension

  • Academic outcomes increase

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