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2015 ACP Teacher Contest Winner 


Michelle Weadock Riverside Media Arts Program Teacher. 


MAP Students Makeover. 

  Their ClassroomThanks to a grant from the Alliance for Community Partnerships, the Media Arts Program’s classroom got a recent makeover. The Alliance for Community Partnerships was established to help build awareness of the value of character-building in the class­room. The group puts out an annual request for grant proposals.



Mrs. Weadock applied for the grant, sharing the character building activities in which the MAP students take part. She was awarded the $2000 grant to purchase collaborative seating to further build teams within the classroom. The students helped to choose the chair colors and tables. Students also put together all of the seating.

Blake Sacks, a junior, said, “I spent time putting together our awesome new chairs. I think that they are a good improvement to the classroom. I think the other classes should get these chairs, too. They help keep us relaxed. They make it easier to work.”

Freshman Aaron Thompson was also among the excited students as he said, “They are just the best…all of the glorious colors... they twist and turn, go up and down, and they are just super comfortable. They feel like clouds, like really soft. They’re the best.”

Students are also creatively thinking about how the color system could improve classroom relationships. Junior Tyler Sanford said, “The chairs are very comfortable and I believe that we could do a lot of different things with the chairs. I believe we could implement the mixing of colors. You would get assigned a color for the week and would have to sit in that color chair. I believe this would move us out of our comfort zone.”

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