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School Resource Officer


     We are members of a community action group called the Alliance for Community Partnership (ACP). We represent caring people who are striving for continuous improvement based on character development and social emotional learning. Our goal is to improve our community by working in collaboration with other constituents who are aiming to improve the lives of others including children and adults. We spend time learning and studying about community issues and what others are doing to successfully improve them. Our desire is to be proactive versus reactive.

In our efforts to learn about the issues that are plaguing our community, we have met with members of law enforcement, school superintendents and principals, drug task force representatives, court personnel, mayors and township officials.

 One of the key efforts of this group is to address the youth’s ability to develop good character and to enhance their social and emotional development. Enhancing the youth’s character and social and emotional development leads to success and can reduce bullying, drug use, and discipline problems by 50%, while improving academic scores by 11%-17%. This is amazing!

The Alliance for Community Partnerships is currently working to assist in positioning a School Resource Officer in the Indian Lake Middle School. This officer will assist in reducing discipline issues while creating an alliance with students by offering them social and emotional support while enhancing their character development. The need for a School Resource Officer has been identified by the Logan County Sheriff, school officials and the Washington Township Police Department. As this program develops we intend to expand this position to other Logan County campuses. 

AFCP is in the process of applying for a 501-3c non-profit group status in order for those giving donations to receive tax deductions. Donations along with grant monies will supply the resources to secure the School Resource Officer position.

This effort will have a positive influence on thousands of students and teachers by enforcing a safe and nurturing environment for our children and adolescents to thrive in.   A School Resource Officer will have special training and will be present during the academic school year.

The website at provides a wealth of material regarding how a focus on character education and social and emotional development can improve the lives of youth, adults and the community. Please join us in taking a serious effort to improve our community


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