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Monthly Meetings

Meetings will be held at La Pizzeria Restaurant. We welcome anyone that would like to join us for the meetings. 

 Meetings Dates and times:

We meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at the La Pizzeria @ 7pm 

Maybe you can see a place to help support or know someone you can encourage to do so.

Please Help!

Events to bring our community together

Times to be announced on these and other Events

To be Announced

Speaker on Community Affairs

Learning why we should all invest the time to get involved. Look at how we set an example for our youth to follow.

To be Announced

Character Education and Social and Emotional Learning

Learning why we should all get behind this initiative. How will it change our youth and the community. Look to see how other communities have done so much.

To be announced

Youth Sports and Programs

What do we hope is being taught while these programs are being financed by the public? What kind of character is being taught? What can we all become aware of by what is being learned across the country? What do we get for our investment?

To be Announced

Supporting Law Enforcement and what we each need to know

Learning how we can work together. What do we need to build a better community? How do we learn from each other to raise the bar?

To be Announced

Scholarship Opportunities

Getting behind the future of our community's children

To be Announced

Drug Education "Drugs a growing problem for communities"

There is a growing drug problem across our country. Our community has its share of  this detriment. We all need to become educated on why it's snowballing. Our law enforcement spends 80 plus percent of their time directly or indirectly on this growing issue. We need to learn how we may influence change by becoming aware of our options to make a difference. 

To be Announced

Summer Jobs for Kids

What can our communiy do to put our kids to work? Summer jobs can be an important part of youth develoment. Instilling a good work ethic in our youth can be very important. Help us find a way to promote these much needed habits. What can you do to help put these kids to work? Do you have any suggestions?

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Help bring these and other topics to the table.

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