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 One area that ACP is working on is to help our educators add new tools to their tool box. We have learning about new tools that communities and schools around the country have been utilizing. It has been proven these tools have helped improve all aspects of young people's ability to grow.  As the world becomes more aware that educating  the whole person is essential to an individual's ability to succeed. Opportunities will become available for teachers to learn new techniques and skills that they can use in their classroom. The improved education of the student in interpersonal skills makes the learning process more rewarding for all involved. We are looking to support and sponsor Logan County teachers who would like to take part in programs across the country that focus on these skills. ACP has identified a few programs, conferences and workshops that we are currently considering for teacher sponsorship program. We are not however limiting our sponsorships to these that we have identified. We would encourage teachers to bring to us any and all request for assistance to other programs related to SEL/Character Ed that they have identified for their educational enrichment.


Character Education Partnership has various trainings,webinars and seminars for your needs.

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Here is another resource for you to use. That has seminars and alot more useful tools to utilize. Clink on the picture to go to the page. 


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